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I'm Patti

I help coaches demystify the tech and strategy behind online business & marketing so they can build their audience & grow their business using Facebook & Instagram Ads.

If you’re asking yourself how the hell an engineer ends up becoming a wedding invitation designer, online entrepreneur and then a life coach you are in good company my friend! I had the same question.

In high school, I used to joke that I had a split personality…math & science geek/creativity junkie. In my senior year I was actually torn between pursuing a degree in Chemistry or going to graphic design school…I’m guessing you can figure out which I chose. Yepmy inner geek won but I kept the creativity part as a side hustle, just for fun, until I discovered that when you combine all those traits you can create a little magic!

My nest is newly empty, but my firstborn had just arrived on the scene when I launched my first online business 17 years ago. I came out of the gate strong and built a successful online wedding invitation business in the days before social media, podcasts or online business courses and training. My next two entrepreneurial adventures (a network marketing company & a physical day planner that I designed, assembled and sold) were another story and definitely not what I would call super successful.

I thought something had gone terribly wrong, questioned whether my early success had just been a fluke & even wondered if maybe I wasn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur after all…which was devastating news for someone who now considered herself psychologically unemployable. I loved being my own boss & the flexibility it allowed with my family so the idea of giving up my entrepreneurial dreams had me feeling stuck & defeated

Then one day I discovered The Life Coach School podcast and I was hooked! I learned that my thoughts created my feelings and ultimately all the results I currently had in my life and business. I learned that I wasn’t missing some entrepreneurial gene, I hadn’t chosen the “wrong” businesses and that really I could create anything I wanted in my life if I would just get out of my own damn way long enough to allow myself to follow through…and so I did!

Why work with me?

Because I believe life coaching is the secret to the universe and because I’m obsessed with all things personal growth, online business & helping coaches launch & grow businesses of their dreams.

I bring a unique blend of systems and strategies paired with fun, flexibility and creativity & then sprinkle in some much needed mindset work!

Based on 17 years experience in online business, I help you create your unique marketing strategy with a step by step plan to the make the implementation simple & efficient. We cut out all the unnecessary & confusing fluff and focus on what your business needs right now. Oh, and did I mention that I’m basically a walking resource library & can quickly direct you to the perfect resource to help you learn anything you need to know without investing in more courses, programs and books!

You’ll get advice, accountability & feedback all customized to your specific needs and served with a healthy dose of tough love coaching so you can stop spinning & actually bring your much needed work to the world!

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