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Finding Clients - Part 1

One of the hardest parts of business, for a new coach, is finding clients. If you’ve ever thought “but how do I find clients” this post is for you.

The cheeky answer is that there are a gazillion ways to find clients and you just need to find a couple of methods that work for you.

Most coaches don’t know their future clients before working together so they need ways to find strangers and show them how they can help them.

The image on left details a typical journey from stranger to client. 

STRANGERS, out in the world or online, who don’t know you exist yet need to find you so they get eventually hire you as their coach.

Enter your PRIMARY FUNNELS. These are methods used to entice strangers into becoming followers usually by offering some free (or low cost) help that they will find really valuable.

STRANGERS who encounter your PRIMARY FUNNELS and like what they learn stick around and become FOLLOWERS.

Examples of PRIMARY FUNNELS include:
* networking groups
* asking people for referrals
* speaking engagements
* actively using social media
* offering a lead magnet/freebie
* running paid ads

Once someone is a FOLLOWER, they are generally paying attention to  you CONTENT.

CONTENT is simply, niche specific, information you share on a regular basis with your FOLLOWERS to demonstrate how you can help them.

Some ways to share your CONTENT:
* weekly emails
* social media posts
* giving talks
* blog posts/articles
* podcasts
* guest interviews
* video tutorials

As FOLLOWERS see value in the CONTENT you share, some may reach out and want to hire you directly.  However, the majority will likely want to learn more about the help you offer to see if it’s a good fit for them.

Enter your SECONDARY FUNNELS. These are methods used to invite followers to gain a deeper understanding of how you could help them solve their problem.

Examples of SECONDARY FUNNELS include:
* webinars
* consultations/mini sessions/discovery calls
* paid masterclasses or workshop
* offers from your website or made via email

When your FOLLOWERS realize that you are exactly the help they’ve been searching for…they become your CLIENT.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Notice that at every stage throughout the journey from STRANGER to CLIENT, the people who are NOT YOUR CLIENTS leave. This is 100% normal and great news! When people stop following you or opt-out of your emails it means they aren’t the right fit – keep sharing content for those who are.