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What you should include on your coaching website

Ready to build your coaching website but not exactly sure what information to include? Follow these steps and you’ll have your copy written in no time.

Note: This post is written assuming that you’ve already clearly defined your niche, offer and postioning and have sold yourself on it being AMAZING!

The purpose of your website is to position yourself to your niche. It’s your main home on the web where clients can come to find out more about how you can help them.

Most coaches include the following 4 pages on their website:

  1. Home 
  2. About 
  3. Work with Me 
  4. Blog/Podcast

Home Page
Your home page must speak directly to your niche and establish your postioning. The goal is to convey what you do and how you can help immediately within the first few seconds of landing on the home page.

The home page should include:
1. A strong headline: a sentence or two about what you do and how you help people. For example:

  • I help coaches go from zero to launched in 6 weeks or less
  • Stop worrying about your drinking and start living your life
  • Weight Loss for women who love food 

2. A photo: ideally of you, so your potential clients begin to connect with you immediately

3. A call to action: Book a mini session/consultation or download a freebie

4. Include testimonials once you have them.


About Page
The focus of your about page is on positioning to your niche. What you want their thoughts, about you & how you can them, to be. The copy on this page should create a compelling reason so they book a mini session/consultation. Share your story through the filter of how it uniquely qualifies you to help them solve their problem.

The about page should include:
1. A strong headline that compels them to keep reading (e.g. why you are the person to help them)

2. Your story and why they should care (i.e. because they resonate with it)

3. Why you are qualified to help them

4. Another photo or two of you

5. A call to action: Booking a mini session/consultation


Work With Me Page
This is your sales page. The copy should really compel your client to book a mini session/consultation with you. They should be thinking that you might actually be able to help them get the results they are looking for.

The work with me page should include:
1. A strong headline that compels them to keep reading (e.g. the results they will get or identifying their current problem)

2. A explantation about why they are struggling

3. Outline how you will help them and what to expect in the mini session

4. Outline the results they will get by working with you

5. Another photo of you

6. A call to action: Booking a mini session/consultation


Blog/Podcast Page
This page will house the regular value content you create – either blog posts or your podcast episode pages. This is where you establish yourself as an authority in the subject matter to your niche. You are giving them some bite sized results ahead of time.

Start with 3-5 blogs/podcasts and then publish new content weekly. Each blog post or podcast page should inlclude a call to action to book a mini session/consultation.

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