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The Coaches Launch Dictionary

If you haven’t spent years immersed in the online business world prior to launching your coaching business you may be hearing a lot of terminology that sounds a bit like greek to you right now. I’ve compiled a collection of the most common terminology definitions for you below:

Niche: is the problem you solve and group of people you solve it for. Your niche can be narrowed by demographics and/or by thought patterns.

Funnel: a succession of steps that will guide strangers through your client journey.

Freebie: a value packed piece of content, PDF or video or webinar, that will help your clients get results ahead of time. It’s used as a tool to build your email list. Potential clients get your freebie in exchange for their email address. 

Landing Page: stand alone page where someone can learn more about your business or signup for your content. Landing pages have no navigation buttons and a single call to action. They can be hosted on your website or on a page hosted by your CRM.

Nuture sequence: is an automated series of emails (typically 3-5 set to be delivered over the span of a several days) sent to someone who has signed up for email list.

Thank you page: a stand alone  page where people are directed to automatically upon completion of an opt-in form. Can be used to deliver content or lead to next offer.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): a system used to build and manage all of your customer relationships. A CRM is where you store all the emails and customer info you collect while building your email list. Common CRMs used in the industry include: Flodesk, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Ontraport…AWeber.

Opt-in Form: a landing page used to allow someone to give consent to join your email list usually in exchange for a piece of free content.

Autoresponder: a function from your email provider or CRM that provides an automated response to messages sent to a particular email address.

Payment Processor:  a company that manages credit card transactions. Common payment processors used are Stripe and PayPal. They all charge a processing fee.

Conversion: When a potential client moves from 1 part of your funnel to the next by completing a step in your funnel process.

CTA (Call to Action): a specific set of instruction (e.g. Click the button, Download the PDF) you give to your potential clients.

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