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Why should you DIY your business launch?

Every Coach, including you, should want to DIY all.the.things when it comes to launching your coaching business.

Yes, even the parts you think will SUCK…especially those parts!

If any of these thoughts just flashed through your mind:

“I rather just focus on coaching and outsource everything else”
“I suck at tech, I’ll never be able to figure it out”
“It will take way too much time”
“I don’t even know where to start”

Stay with me, I promise it’s worthwhile.

While we could possibly argue that some of those thoughts may be “true” it doesn’t even matter. As an entrepreneur and the CEO of your new coaching business it is imperative that you understand how all the moving pieces in the back end of your business operate.

Here are my top 3 reasons why embracing the do-it-yourself philosophy for your launch is non-negotiable:

  1. It will save you a ton of money in your startup phase.
  2. By doing it yourself, you’ll build the skills to make in the moment changes & fixes for when you change your mind about something (I promise you will A LOT in the beginning) or discover a problem. Not having to wait around for answers from the people you hired will save you so much time and stress.
  3. Once you understand how everything in the backend of your business operates then you can outsource the parts you don’t love with confidence. Knowing that you can communicate your needs effectively and understand the work involved – will help you make more strategic decisions going forward.

If you are still with me, here’s the list of the key skill sets to focus on:

  • how to build your own website and/or landing page
  • how to organize your online business
  • how to manage the tech that connects your business
  • how to write your own copy (for the website and for social media etc.)
  • how start an email list with an opt-in form
  • how to use an online scheduler (for consults and coaching)
  • how to create images, PDFs and worksheets 
  • how to build a funnels that will help your future clients discover you
  • how take some basic photos and videos
  • how to adjust lighting and sound
  • how to market your business 
  • how to navigate running Facebook and/or Pinterest Ads if you plan on implement paid advertising as part of your marketing

Sold on the DIY Launch approach but thinking you’d love a little help?

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