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Your Dream Clients Are Waiting For You
I'll Help You Find Them Faster

Too many coaches struggle to find clients online
because they don't understand the tech and strategy required.

Do you struggle with?

  • Building your website & everything else that requires tech knowledge
  • Wrapping your head around the marketing you know you should be doing
  • Knowing what to write on social media, your website and the list goes on…
  • Understanding what all the online business jargon even means
  • The idea of running Facebook & Instagram Ads without wasting money

I get it, learning how to get your business online
& create marketing that works is hard.

Ready for...


You deserve an online business & marketing system
that's as powerful as your coaching.

I can help you.


The tech & strategy required to get your business online with marketing systems that work.


Everything from your website & funnels to your ad strategy with the support of a coach.


An online business, you love, filled with your dream clients.

You can create an online business & marketing system that works for you and I'll help you every step of the way.

A lot of coaches are frustrated because they can’t figure out how to get their business online and create marketing that works. I help you learn the tech and strategy so you can get your business online with marketing systems designed to attract your dream clients so you can grow your business with ease.

As a coach and entrepreneur myself, I get how overwhelming and frustrating it can feel to navigate the world of online business and marketing. I’ve spent the last 18 years immersed in this world. And do you know what I discovered? A superpower for breaking down complicated things in the online world into simple, easy to follow steps & processes. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with my pre-coach life as an engineer.

I’m using this process to help coaches, like you, create online business and marketing systems that work. 

"When my Facebook ads came to a screeching halt because of a misconfiguration on my part, Patti saved the day! She was extremely patient with my many questions, helped me understand what was going wrong and showed me how to fix it. I was back up and running in no time! She even gave me some best practices to help me improve my campaigns."
Mindi B,
"OMG! I spent 3 days in compare and despair and my self coaching wasn't getting me unstuck. Patti just spent the beginning of our weekly session helping me unwind every bit of it and I was able to get back to work. She knows exactly how to help me stay focused on all the things that are DRIVING MY BUSINESS FORWARD. She is the exact right balance of thought work, A-line work, and kick in the ass that my business needs."
Shelley C.
"The words failure to launch drew me to Patti’s coaching program. My mind was full of thoughts about my lack of technology experience as well as no recent experience creating content. With her help, I created my website. I DID IT! Patti provided valuable resources, and coached me every step of the way. I feel empowered knowing that I can continue to update my site, my client scheduler, and my content."
Janice L.

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