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Grow a profitable coaching business
using strategies that feel
safe, sustainable & seriously fun
...because they're designed uniquely for YOU!

If you're sick of cookie-cutter tactics
that feel icky & inauthentic
you're in the right place.

I show coaches how to infuse

business strategy with their human design

and build a thriving business that feels AMAZING!

"Working with Patti was a game-changer. I'll never forget the session where she completely blew my mind and shifted my entire perspective on my business. I was knee-deep in frustration, convinced that success meant following a rigid set of rules and procedures in my business. In that profound moment, she asked a simple yet revolutionary question: 'What if you just don't? What if you let go of the shoulds and embrace what feels genuinely fun and authentic to you? What if your business could be something you don't hate?' It was like a light bulb went off. That single question unleashed a cascade of revelations and in the coming months my client roster skyrocketed from 1 to 17. Patti, thank you for shattering the conventional norms and unveiling the path to a business that is not only possible but essential for true fulfillment as an entrepreneur.”
Kimberly S.

If we're being honest...

You never imagined that growing your business could be so frustrating.

At this point you've:

  • Followed all the “experts” advice – even when it felt wrong
  • Invested in countless courses/coaches who all have their version of one-size-fits-all techniques that just didn’t work for you
  • Jumped from one strategy to the next, hoping this time would it would be different
  • Discovered that sleazy “bro” marketing techniques are definitely NOT for you
  • Wondered if maybe you weren’t cut out for this entrepreneurial world after all?

and considered throwing in the towel.

But you also...

Love coaching & the transformations you've seen in yourself and your clients

Know that you can make a huge impact if you can just find the damn clients

Think that being your own boss & creating your future would be incredible

Are certain you weren't made to "just" build someone else's dream

So, what if you could build your business using strategies that felt like YOU?

Ready for...


You deserve an online business & marketing strategy
that's as powerful as your coaching.

And I can help you.


How you were uniquely designed to thrive in online business & life.


A business & marketing strategy that feels authentic and actually works.


A profitable online business, you love, filled with your dream clients.

Hey there! I'm Patti Nott

Advanced Certified Deep Dive Coach

I’m passionate about helping coaches, like you, reclaim the joy in building their coaching businesses. After years of feeling burnt out and frustrated by trying to follow all the “expert” advice, I discovered the power of leaning into my Human Design in creating a business that feels aligned, authentic, and sustainable.

With my background of nearly 20 years in online business and marketing, coupled with my expertise in Human Design & mindset coaching, I’m here to guide you through the process of letting go of the “shoulds” and embracing your unique design. Together, we’ll unlock your full potential so you can create a coaching business that not only supports your financial goals but also brings you joy and fulfillment every step of the way.

Let’s break free from the hustle and build a coaching business that lights you up from the inside out. Are you ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation? Let’s connect!